We Support Mynamar

We Support Mynamar
We support Myanmar aims to help the victims of military terrorists in Myanmar in term of humanitarian aids.私たちはミャンマーにおける軍事テロの被害者を人道的に支援することを目的としています


We aim to help the victims of military terrorists in Myanmar by providing medical supplies and household utensils including clothings and food.
In order to assist the victims of the Myanmar military terrorism, to provide the household goods such as medical supplies and clothing and food Is aimed at.
Social issues you want to solve

Many people in Myanmar have lost their jobs and houses due to the military junta in Myanmar. More than 2000 people are detained and more than 700 people have been killed during the uprising in Myanmar. In border areas, many houses were burnt down and many people Military junta also abducted doctors and based at hospitals, thereby people could not get proper medical treatments. Therefore we would like to provide people. of Myanmar with food, household utensils and medical supplies.
In Myanmar, many people have lost their jobs and homes due to the influence of the military government. More than 2000 people have been detained and more than 700 have died in the Myanmar riots. In the border areas, many homes were burned down and many had to flee. The junta is repeatedly shooting, killing, and detaining, destroying people’s lives and property. Also, the military government abducted doctors and was based in hospitals, which prevented people from receiving appropriate medical treatment. Therefore, we want to provide food, household goods and medical supplies to the people of Myanmar.
What you want to achieve in this project

To provide peopl